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Backup MX

SMTP Backup MX service

Have you ever had a mail server suddenly go offline on you?

The last thing you need is your boss screaming down your neck because your losing emails whilst the server is down/offline.

With Backup MX you don't have to worry about losing emails because if and when you do have a mail server problem Backup MX will continue to accept emails for your domain. Then when your mail server is back online the emails will be delivered.


  • Extended Storage - if you're going to be offline more than 7 days we can keep your email safe for the duration.
  • Protected Service - Backup MX is protected by the same techniques used in profilter.
  • Trusted - Backup MX is a trusted business continuity solution.
  • Secure - Backup MX is a secure SMTP Server.
  • Cloud Based - Backup MX is a cloud based service.
  • SMTP Supported - Backup MX is based on the full SMTP RFC standards.

Why do I need this service

  • Gives you a better fault-tolerant solution for emails.
  • Another tool to support disaster recovery and business contunity.



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Setup is very straight forward

  1. Sign up for the service and let us know your domain name you want backed up.

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  2. You will then be assigned to a Backup MX SMTP cloud.
  3. Add the Backup MX SMTP servers to your DNS MX records.
  4. That’s it, you’re done.